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Time Trials

There are 2 parts to the sign up—entering your swimmer in events and volunteering yourself for a job.

Each swimmer may swim all 4 strokes on Saturday--freestyle, back stroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Mini Ducklings do not swim at Time Trials.

If your child is swimming in time trials, we need you to volunteer at the meet.

I've logged in...now what do I do?

Select Swim Meets & Events tab then scroll down to Time Trials in the list of upcoming events.  Then click the green "Meet Entry" button, then select "Edit".

Your swimmer(s) will be listed as “undeclared”.  Please choose “available” or “not available”, and if you swimmer is available, please select his/her events.  

For time trials only, each swimmer is encouraged to sign up for all four strokes. For younger swimmers who have never swum breaststroke or butterfly talk to your coaches to see if they should attempt the stroke.

Swimmers 11 and older who are proficient in all 4 strokes may also swim IM, but there is no expectation they do so.

How do I signup to volunteer?

Select Swim Meets tab then scroll down to Time Trials in the list of upcoming events. To volunteer for jobs click on Time Trials Job Signup. A list of available jobs and brief descriptions will be listed.  Pick your volunteer role and click save.

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